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Energy production that is off the charts

ACE holds proprietary, independently validated, technologies that can effectively expand the capacity of current lithium battery technology in a way that is non-disruptive, cost-effective, and highly competitive. ACE has the power to make batteries better, right now.


Energy where you need it

Amnetic Chasm Energy, Inc has exclusive, patented materials, that allow us to expand energy storage to meet the world's growing energy needs.


Pushing the boundaries of power and storage

ACE Solar is pushing through the limits of efficiency and is aiming toward improving solar panel efficiency and output by more than 30% higher than the best cells currently available today. 


ACE Solar is aiming toward improving solar panel efficiency and output by more than 30% higher than the best cells currently available today. 

ACE's patented nanomaterials and processes are better able to collect and retain energy by leveraging more UV bandwidth more efficiently. 

And these same material innovations will allow ACE Energy to continue building better storage solutions for the next generation of batteries. Solutions that range from the cost-efficient, non-disruptive, high energy batteries we need today, to the solid-state storage needs that we will need in our near future.

Batteries that are 5 to 13 times Denser than Anything Today


Our current batteries are inefficient and much of the energy in the current model is wasted. ACE has proven its ability to more effectively utilize more of the specific energy in lithium products. Our patented materials and technology have the ability to increase the energy density and life of the batteries we use every day with no disruption to the current manufacturing process.

Amnetic Chasm Energy also has several additional patented technologies, in various stages of development, that will take battery technology into the next generation and beyond. Innovations that include disruptive and / non-disruptive materials and processes that represent a quantum leap forward in energy density, specific energy, cycle life, and safety in batteries. As well as material innovations that would improve the efficiency of solar panels to levels not seen in current commercial applications. 


Our primary research facility, located in Boulder Colorado, situates us in close proximity to some of the most advanced energy research facilities, industry leaders in tech and aerospace, as well as some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

This location is also an incredible resource for knowledge and talent, making our lab a perfect place for the future growth and expansion of Amnetic Chasm Energy, Inc. Plus, with over 300 days per year of sunlight, Boulder is an ideal location for testing and perfecting our solar technology.


Expanding Investment

The future will be tokenized.

Using emerging financial technology, ACE will be implementing a novel strategy that will allow more people to get in on the ground floor of investment available through a cryptographic currency offering. This massive opportunity isn't just for billionaires. We can make sure that as many people as possible, people just like you, are the ones who own the real energy advances of the future.


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